This is a rare, original 2nd Generation Hang from Pantheon Steel - only about 550 were ever made. This is a kind of D minor tuning with the following scale D A D E F A C DThe melodic feeling is a bit meditative and bright.I am the 2nd owner of this amazing instrument. It has been well kept and re-tuned by the best tuner in the industry.There are so many wonderful things to say about this Hang -...
Closing inventory. This piano sells approx $4600. Sale $2400. This is one of the really good chinese/japan piano joint endeavor. This one is polish walnut, 48", upright. See it in Houston. Call Anthony 797.292.8268 Excellent for student beginner or for any one. Curved legs and matching bench. Warranty
RESTORATION COSTS START AT ABOUT $7000 UP TO $10,000 OR MORE. Call for a quote about your special piano. See pianos that have been restored to new below. These restored pianos are done in our factory with 10 stations and assembly line with 6 craftsmen working on only one piano. You can see the superb workman-ship, down to the smallest detail. We use ivorite which mimics true ivory and n...
This is a 2002 7' semi/concert grand piano. Excellent condition/with Artist Adjustable Bench, warranty. This piano would be superb for churches, schools, piano instructors, students with ambition and of course a wonderful grand piano in a spacious home. Call us at 979-292-8268 or email: keyarts@att.net. Web: www.keyartspianohouston.com/keyartsus We ship pianos to all U.S.A. ...
-YAMAHA U30A PIANOS VARY SOMEWHAT IN PRICE- The restored U30A pianos that we sell are from 1985-90+. The pianos are: Factory restored and include warranty, delivery to your door, w/artist adjustable bench, metronome, polish kit, caster cups, all shipping, tuning and key/lock. For more information call 979-292-8268. Email is: keyarts@att.net Inventory: www.keyartpianohouston...
We posted a PLACE HOLDER PRICE APPROXIMATELY $4400 cost of a 52" upright. However, the cost of the player system is about $6000 plus depending your choice of piano....upright or grand. A typical Digital System install in a 52" upright plus the cost of the piano will equal to about $10,000 +/-. Grand pianos will be a higher cost. WE CAN INSTALL THE DIGITAL PIANO SYSTEM IN ANY PIANO ...
The MIGHTY US-50 and the numerous models such as the US-55, 75, 65, 63 are the largest uprights and are AWESOME! These pianos are built for POWER for the student, teacher and professional musician. With a huge music desk similar to grand pianos, this piano gives you a HUGE sonic footprint equal to a small grand from 4"11 to 5'3". This is a piano that will be a student dream! In 201...
The Yamaha U1 is the most popular piano for most homes. It is 48" high, precise tuning and touch. PRICE VARIES DEPENDING ON THE DATE. The U1H and U1A pianos are restored in Japan. We sell U1H from 1974-79, and U1A from 1983-88. Warranty, tuning, plus all accessories including artist adjustable bench. The U1 also has several models in the 1990's+: U100, UX1, U10A . Call or email f...
TELEPHONE NUMBER HAS CHANGED: PIANO TUNING - MOVING - RESTORATION Piano tunings start at $125 depending on the condition. Call for a conversation. ANTHONY will talk with you anytime about your piano. 979-292-8268 keyarts@att.net KeyArts Houston since 1970.
IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A PIANO NEW OR USED: Call C. Anthony for information about any piano. Before you buy a piano, you need to know the quality, value, type, size and numerous issues that you may not be aware of. All brands. Anthony is a specialist with all pianos, Japan pianos, Chinese, Korean as well as American older vintage pianos. His snapshot background: B.A., M.M, M....
This large US-60, 52" professional upright with the huge music desk is one of the best models. Top model for teachers, students, church, schools etc. Restored to as-new! warranty 5 yr. 1984 date. Call or email for more information. WE SHIP TO ALL U.S.A. DESTINATIONS. 979.292.8268 / keyarts@att.net
Call 979-292-8268 or keyarts@att.net Buy Your Piano Through Us Call Anthony -Credit Application required -Approval for up to 60 months -Quick approval -Used or new pianos -Shipping to most U.S.A. destinations -Yamaha and kawai Grand Pianos and Vertical Uprights -Steinway and other used pianos -Factory Restoration SEE: PHOTOS: Steinway Restoration, Petrof Grand, Cabl...
PIANO DETAILING: Grand pianos AND Uprights pianos collect dirt, dust, pollen, and all types of allergins, viruses, spider webs, mouse droppings and more. We will clean your piano just like new. We clean, polish, repair scratches and dings, polish brass, buff brass casters. For very high gloss pianos we can polish back to new as possible using 3M Handglaze machine polished. Thi...
Next to Steinway Schimmel is the one you will love. Call us and we will talk about it. 713-628-7270 Anthony
KEYARTS PIANO HOUSTON is back in business after the storm. No damage but a lot of work to transfer our inventory of over 100 pianos. Visit the website: www.keyartspianohouston.com : See a few restored pianos. Call for pianos service MOVING by Elite Piano Transport. YAMAHA GRANDS, VERTICAL PIANOS, KAWAI RESTORED BY FACTORY JAPAN. WE HAVE MANY STEINWAY, WEBER, YOUNG CHANG and more. Vi...
This Kohler & Campbell is Model SKG650 Serial #KJJHG0259, Finish Black Ebony Polish Date is 2000, Size is 6’1” This is a perfect piano, perfect condition, tone is full and excellent key touch. Call Anthony at: 713-628-7270 or 979-292-8262 KeyArts@att.net - Some negotiation, CALL PLEASE. SHIPPING TO MOST U.S.A. DESTINATIONS
I believe it is a Spinet. Circa 1985-1988 Original bench and additional top mirror. I can get all the information & serial number for serious buyers only. Needs to be tuned** YOU must pickup. (Friendswood)
1920 WURLITZER UPRIGHT Player Piano, complete with 48 music rolls. In excellent working cond. Best offer, 936872XXXX, 713829XXXX
Starcaster Fender electric guitar. Gently used. Comes with travel case.
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